So today we have Olivia’s ADHD testing in Greenville. I’m driving mom’s Honda Civic and love it. I wish I had one but I don’t. She’s instead driving my van and I’m sure that she’s loving it too. She used to have an Astro Van just like mine so I’m sure she feels like it’s hers still. LOL. I’m hoping that we’ll get some answers today about Livy though. I have been reading some books on ADHD and boy everything points right to my Livy and her actions. It’s hard to believe that in just a few short months she’ll be in PreK. I need to go down to DMV and get my license renewed over to my address here and then I’ll take that down to the school showing that she lives there in Nashville Elementary School area. I don’t want her to go to Fairview Early Child Care Center in Downtown Rocky Mount. Well let me go. Have to make some calls for work and then it will be time to go pick up Livy. 🙂

The above picture was made for me since how everything we listen to now is Hannah Bontana (she can’t say Montana and it’s cute).

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