Such a Busy day today.

This morning I got to sleep in a little bit and I got up and took my medicine. I am starting to feel better but still a little irritated about some things like having to clean the entire downstairs and then having to clean the entire upstairs. That’s the whole house. Ugh. I felt very disappointed when I asked for some kind of help since I had a migraine from this weather we are now getting but didn’t get any. This afternoon I had a hard time getting Livy down for a nap but realized that she didn’t want to go to bed because her room had light coming in from the window so I grabbed a dark fleece blanket and pinned it up to cover the light. Worked like a charm too! She slept for a good 2 hours. Time for some quiet time for me then. I actually sat down and watched a little bit of TV. Tonight I think we’ll watch a movie together. Don’t know what though but I’m sure we’ll think of one. I even have movie theater popcorn by Orville redden butter so we’ll eat that. Yum.

This afternoon after Livy’s nap we decided to find the small sprinkler and allow her to run through it. She still had lots of energy in her so we did that. She had a good time doing that. Tomorrow we’re going to Tarboro to go swimming in Uncle Jim’s pool and to celebrate my nephews birthday. Monday we go and have Livy tested for ADHD and on Wednesday we have a cookout to go to. Yeah! It’s going to be so much fun. I can’t wait until my daughter is on meds or starts to calm down. I talked with her teacher and found out that she doesn’t listen and she has spent many days in timeout.

Well I better get off the computer in a little bit. We’re under a tornado watch and Livy is in the living room playing with my old lincoln logs.

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