Yesterday was the perfect day to go for a walk. So after Livy and I got home we went for a nice long walk in the neighborhood. Livy wanted to ride her bike so that’s what I let her do. I also figured that it would wear her out quicker too. We walked a good mile yesterday and then we picked up my grandparents mail and Livy put some of it in her basket on her bike. We made it down the driveway when we saw Pop-Pop on the golf cart and we gave him their mail. I was tired after the walk but Livy was still the energizer bunny.

I go to the doctor today to get put on meds for my depression and I was at first going to ask to be put on Effexor but after reading the side effects that this drug will cause and if you miss a pill how the withdrawal effects start to happen it will have you put in a padded room. So after days of research I’m going to ask if I can be put on Wellbutrin. I think that is going to be the best thing for me. Plus it will help curve my appetite which I could use. I’m more or less a binge eater (if I get sad and have a bad day then I eat all day long). I have put back on 5 lbs in the past month in a half. Not cool at all. So I guess we’ll see at that point. I’ll write more later if I can. Have to go make some money now. Or at least try to!

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