What a Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend has been great really. (Besides the crying episode that happened this evening over who knows what?) Friday evening I met up with my FIL and he picked up Livy. It was great because she got to spend the entire weekend with them. Plus I was childless for the weekend. So Friday night I spent a quite evening at home. It was great!

Saturday was awesome because I got to sleep in a little bit and after I got up I fixed myself a chicken biscuit and then went to meet up with my best friend, Robin and we hit the Salvation Army where I found a Christian CD and also a bike seat to go on the back of my bike…we’re hoping it’s not too small for Livy to ride in it. She so wants mommy to take her on a bike ride. If this doesn’t fit her then we’ll invest in a bike trailer but the bike seat would work so much better living in the country. After the Salvation Army we headed over to Good Will where I found several Disney Movies that were some that Livy would definitely enjoy watching and also found a Gymboree dress that is adorable. She is going to love wearing that! Then we headed to the Library where I picked up several books on ADHD to start reading up on them. Terry and I will go see the Therapist on Thursday to talk to her about Livy and her possible ADHD. Then after that we went to Big Lots and also to chick-fil-a to eat lunch. It was so good. Afterwards I went on home and mowed part of the lawn and then took a shower to go out to eat with my other best friend Tonya. We ate chinese food and it was good. Then we went and saw “What Happens in Vegas” and that movie is hilarous!!! I highly suggest going and watching that movie if you want to see a comedy. After that we went on back to her house and played the Wii which I can say is what I want. I can’t wait until I have enough money to get one. it will be so awesome plus Livy can play too which is even cooler! A gaming system for the whole family…now that’s what I’m talking about! I also had a couple wine coolers and it was so awesome to have a drink. I don’t drink that often but when I do it’s only a couple. I didn’t even have a buzz last night.

I made it home last night though, safely. LOL. This morning I got up late and then started back on the rest of the lawn. I had a good time and finished it in my eyes, in record time! Then I came inside and rested for a few minutes before having to draw a large house for mom and dad for church. We were supposed to go tonight but Livy took her nap extra late. Well let me go. have lots of things to do before bedtime. Livy is watching a movie right now. She’s in love with Winnie the Pooh.

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