Thank God It’s Friday!

This week has been a very long week for me. Lot’s of running around and lots of appointments. Thankfully this weekend I will be child-free thanks to my inlaws for taking Livy. They are going to pick her up tonight in Nashville and then she will be going to the beach tomorrow and will be coming home on Sunday after her nap. I feel like this is the key to me having a good weekend. I plan on mowing the lawn and also just to get some sun. I got a new bathing suit this week and love it. It’s a two piece and it’s a tankini. I hit the jackpot at Target because I got the top from there and it’s like super cute. It’s a halter top which honestly I thought would never work for me but it does. The colors are just right too because it’s teal and brown and I got it on clearance. Score!!! The bottoms didn’t look right so I held off and found a pair that did look right at Walmart last night. 🙂

Well it looks like I have to go to mom’s school. She needs a shirt and I have it here at the house. 🙂

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