Goodbye to….

So….I went to speak with my therapist yesterday on me and told her how frustrated I am with Livy. She is out of control and honestly I want to pull my hair out everytime that something goes wrong. I have been losing my hair in the shower whenever I wash it to where handfuls come out at a time. I mean it’s not like I’m not stressed or depressed or anything. Yeah Right!!! Well we are going to say goodbye to Red Dye #40 because come to find out that will make a child more active than anything. So we are now checking everything she gets and eats. No more fruit punch and she will get Juicy Juice more often. So we’ll see how she will behave then.

And for those of you wondering why I’m having her tested for ADHD, she will begin PreK in the fall and my mom works with them right now in a local school and needless to say she knows that they will not tolerate her behavior at all. She is my little Energizer bunny and I wish she would first Sleep and second behave. The timeout method doesn’t work (just ask Livy, she’s in there often at school already), and the threatening hasn’t worked so that only other thing to do is to spank her. I hate to do it but sometimes it’s the only way to get through to her in disciplining her. I’ve read out there Dr. Sear’s Disciplining book and have picked up on a few things from there but other than that my child is horrible. I need help with her and having her tested is the way to go. I was told that ADHD/ADD is heriditary and so if someone has it in the family or if a parent has it then so will the child. I have a slight case of it but don’t take meds for it and Terry has it too as well as my brother having it. It’s a family thing I’m sure. Plus her cousin has it too. So there you go. Anyways I’ve left a message for the lady at the peds office because she has her set up to see a doctor in Greenville, NC where all of the other doctors are that specialize in diagnosing young kids.

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