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Lately I have been posting a lot of paid per posts because I have been needing some extra money and this has been helpful for me. I’m going to be now saving up the money that I will be receiving so that I can save up for when we head to Myrtle Beach in July or for when I want to take Livy to Disney World. That might be the main thing here.

Anyways, today I took Livy to the doctors for her 4 year old well checkup and she is just under her weight and she is shorter than she should be but that is ok with me. I’m just glad she’s finally healthy. She did have to get 4 shots today and she is very cranky but finally taking a nap!!! I’m glad about that. She also had to have her finger pricked today which she did great on and she had to pee in a cup. She didn’t quite understand that philosophy but she did it anyways. So I guess we’ll go from there. Another thing that the doctor suggested and I also fully agree with is to have her tested for ADD or ADHD. He was asking me questions and I was answering them truthfully as I should have. Livy has more energy than I know what to do with and I just want to see her behave the right way. Now normally she does but there are some cases to where she is a holy terror and you better watch out. She is 4 I know but still for her to not sleep at all during the day and still be running a 100 miles a minute at night like say 11pm or even later and she’s not wanting to sleep I’m dog tired half of the time. So it’s something that we are going to have to check into. So we’ll see where that comes out with. She did not go to school today because of the shots so she’s finally taking a nap because I had to threatened her with the “wooden spoon” and she laid right on down and is resting now. Finally! I’ve only been trying to get her to lay down for 2.5 hours.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for me and then on Thursday she has an appointment with Dr. C to have her post-surgery checkup. Well let me go. Have to go make some money! The picture above is Livy and her new friend Makayla at church. They get along so well!

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  1. I want to comment, and I type this with great sincerity. The ages 3 and 4 are very active and anxious ages – I wouldn’t jump to any ADD conclusions. She is still so young to have such a diagnosis, and I’m not sure that I would trust a Dr. that would make such a diagnosis at her age.

    My near 5 year old is absolutely a handful. He wakes up at the crack of dawn and has a great deal of “mental energy.” A lot of his anxiety during the last year I think was due in part to the addition of his baby sister. Life changes can really wreak havoc on a little kid’s system. I think we underestimate how they’re processing the changes around them when we only see it through grown up eyes. It seems that Livy has endured a lot of changes, give her time to sort through these wrinkles. Kids don’t think logically when it comes to emotions. Tantrums, awakedness, sassy talk, etc. are the outlets that a 4 year old understands and uses. They aren’t particularily rational.

    So all of this is just my opinion, obviously you go with your heart and do what seems right for her. I just think that physicians are too foot loose and fancy with diagnosing kids and handing out scripts these days. Four is too young for that stuff IMHO.

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