It’s almost time!

It’s almost time for my day! I’ll be Graduating College and I honestly never thought that I would get here but I have. I went out back to see my grandparents this evening and they both told me how proud they were of me for reaching my goal! Now it’s time to find a career that I can have the flexibility of staying at home with Livy and also of allowing myself to earn money. That job will come and I will be so happy when it does! So I’ll sit back and wait until then. A little update on Livy. She got a haircut. It’s super cute and it’s just what she wanted. A lot of her friends have a similar cut and I thought since it’s just about summer time why not? So the above picture is her new do. Tell me what you think about it? Also I had my hair done as well and I have already posted those pics…I think? I can’t remember now. This week has flown by so quickly. I have also gotten a pedicure today and got “2008” painted on my big toenails. It’s so cute!!! This is a once in a lifetime event for me and so I had to go all out. I’ll post pics of the nails tomorrow or even another day. Just not tonight…I’m tired and heading to bed:)

Good night ya’ll!

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