Beware of Dog!!!

Recently I was one of the few that got selected to do a product review on a beware of dog signs and I have loved this sign. Now when I first got it I took a picture so I wouldn’t forget and now we have this posted up on Hershey’s cage out back. Now he is very harmless to those around but I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to get angry if someone tried to break in the house. Not cool for them but way to go Hershey! Anyways, we had our pick of three colors: Green, Blue or Chocolate Brown which is the one I got because it looked classy and we got the cable ties to put the sign up onto the chain linked fence. Very cool. You can also attach the signs to wooden fences but we don’t have one so it wouldn’t have done us any good. These signs are nicely crafted and are amazingly sturdy. I highly recommend getting one for those who have a dog or more than one dog. It would be helpful to those who need to come into your yard to either drop something off or to not. It’s really up to you. Plus they ship super fast and the shipping on them aren’t too bad either. The prices are really cheap too, $16.95 for a sign that is very sturdy and useful! Also they Ship first on the signs and will accept payment later and they also don’t accept credit cards so they just ask that you send a check fast since they ship the signs out fast for you. What a great company that has great karma! So if you’re looking for something like this for you family and your dog then why not check them out.

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