The Dentist…Ugh!

This afternoon I have to go to the dentist to have a cavity refilled. The filling came out two weeks ago and the soonest they could get me in was today. Ugh. I hate going to the dentist. But thankfully I still have dental insurance through Terry. I also have to have another one filled but have been too chicken to go back to the dentist and I have to have my teeth cleaned again. You have no idea how much I dispise going to the dentist. The noise of the drill drives me up the wall. I might even bring my iPod to listen to while sitting in the chair. Never done that before but it’s worth a shot. Anything is now! Ok gotta go back to work and eat something before I head in there. I’ll update later on:) I should be back to blogging more now that I have time to and have been feeling like it. But anywho. Take care everyone!

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