It’s been a Very Long Day!

Today was a very long day. We went on over to my house that I had with Terry and we cleaned it and also we moved my furniture out of it. It’s hard to see that my life at my home are going to be no more. I feel sad over that and I have been crying for probably the past couple of minutes now because it’s like my life is spinning out of control. And to make it worse I have been very strong all day and I went on over to my grandparents house to pick up dinner and my grandma is almost ready to cry when she saw me. Great! I really didn’t want to go over there but I knew I had to. Somethings have happened in the past couple of days and it’s been very tough to come to realization that I can’t control what happens. But like I will keep saying is that all things happen for a reason. Well dinner is in the oven and I need to figure out what I’m going to eat because what my parents are eating has sausage on it and I’m allergic to it so that is a no go for me. Booo!

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