What a Day!

Today has been one day for sure. It’s hard to think that this day could have ever happened. I won’t go into details and all but it’s been a very trying day for sure. Just life is happening and I feel like my life is so out of control. I talked with the drs office this morning and I have made another appointment for Olivia because she’s been on the meds now for 1 week and her ears are still giving her problems. So they want to recheck them again just to make sure that she doesn’t still have that nasty ear infection. I hope she doesn’t and it’s just the changing of the pressure in the weather doing this. But I do think she still has it just by the way she is acting and how she is wetting the bed again and not listening. A sure sign she still has it. But not knowing how bad is the thing that worries me. I hope that she does not have to have another shot of Rocephin but if it makes her ears better than that will be ok.

Now one thing I should have learned by now is that hitting a door when you are so angry you could rip someones head off is not a good idea. MY right hand is all banged up and was bleeding something awful this afternoon. I would advise others NOT to do that. Especially a wood front door. Bad, bad idea for sure. It’s all black and blue and still partly swollen and so it’s just crazy. Just don’t do it. Well this weekend will be interesting and that’s all I’m going to say. I guess I better go for now so that I can get to bed. I’m tired. I’ll write more later.

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