New Room for Livy

Well it’s official! Livy is getting her own room here at home. She is having the what’s called the “green room” and it’s now been repainted to Candy Pink and one white wall. It’s very girly and we’ll get her bed on over here hopefully tomorrow or Friday. Can’t wait either. She is so excited about this too! She will have her own room and I can have mine. I will finally get some sleep at night and not be kicked or punched during the night. Whoever thought up of co-sharing the bed with a 3 year old is nuts. I mean it might be for some people but definitely NOT for me and Livy!!! I love my daughter but she rolls around too much for me to handle it. Plus she is so used to having her own room and bed that it’s been difficult on us both but that is all changing soon enough. 🙂 Cant wait until this weekend when she can finally sleep in her own bed. I’ll have to post pictures of the room when it’s all put together.

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  1. I used to sleep with my niece and that was a total nightmare. She had this thing where she would lay sideways and of course that made me sleeping with her close to impossible.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    PS – if you enable the name/url option, you might get a few more comments since a lot of us don’t use blogger. 🙂

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