Monday is here

It’s Hard to believe that it’s monday already. I can’t believe it either. I just feel like the weekend soared by too quickly. But in a way I’m glad it did. Yes it meant that I didn’t get much sleep because Olivia was sick and all but still it was crazy enough for me. I have been doing some other things that will hopefully be worth the wait and everything else for me. I’m trying to start up my own business that maybe in the long run will be worth it. Plus with graduation coming up so quickly trying to finish up this class is getting harder and harder everyday. I can’t believe that I’m finally near the end!!!

Ok as for the United Mommies Mega Launch Party I won something! I won a wooden puzzle from Imgiplay and I can’t wait until we get that. With Olivia’s birthday coming up so quickly I’m finding it hard to get her something plus with no money it’s harder to do. Oh yeah, I ‘m also so happy that the hotsling sold on ebay. I shipped it out today. So the buyer should be very happy with that since it was brand new and was only tried on. Ok gotta go. Have to check my email from school and have to study a little before my class tonight. I’ve got one of my best friends, Mary Ellen coming into town tonight and can’t wait to see her! I haven’t seen her since right after Olivia was born but we stay in touch so much that this is going to be fun. Above is a picture of her and Olivia the last time she was down. 🙂

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