I’m going to have a Rockin’ Body!!!

If you have ever done or seen Rockin’ Body you will know that it is a fun and hard workout at the same time. I just got finished doing Rock It Out and whew. That was a great workout. I feel great and actually like that workout. The other ones do have a lot of dancing mainly and this one is more strength building. I like it as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch would say. 🙂 Hahaha. Tomorrow morning I am doing Dance Party and tomorrow night I’m doing Party Express and Disco Groove. It’s going to be so much fun. Now if I can get Olivia to bed by 8pm we’ll be doing even better. I might have to read her a book and make sure she has no extra sugar before bed. Ok I’m out of here but I hope you all have a great night!

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