Yesterday and Today:)

Yesterday after the Soccer game and we got rained out, I met up with one of my best friends, Robin and she and I went to Goodwill in hopes to find me some shorts. Well I did find me one pair of jean shorts, and I also found a bunch of paperback books for Olivia (some I’m saving for her birthday), a pair of Rollerblades (again for her birthday), a Soccer Mom shirt for me and another shirt for me. I also found something that is so cool but thats a secret for me to know. 🙂 Then we headed over to Walmart in Rocky Mount where I picked up two of the Johnson and Johnson’s Sudz Buddies in Watermelon Flavor which I got for Free! I also picked up some new shampoo, and also some scrunching gel for my hair to let it be worn in the natural curls it was meant to be. Now normally I don’t like my hair to be worn like this but since my hair got soaked yesterday just as the bottom dropped at the soccer game my hair was curly and a frizzy and she said she liked it curly. Especially since it was natural. Even better! So score. This morning I fixed it just right too! I might need to get some curl mousse but other than that it looks great. Thanks Robin for telling me to just give it a try. I do like it.
Last night I also got to take a nice long bath without Olivia bothering me because my inlaws took her for the night. It was great too! Tonight I’m meeting them in Rocky Mount to pick her up. I think next time I will be having them drive all the way to my house to drop her off though. I also picked up several things yesterday from the house and brought them home. I still need to get some of them out of the van. I’ll wait until the rain lets up a little though. The bottom fell out again. So its a nice day to rest while Olivia is not here! I’m sitting here supposed to be doing my homework but instead find myself blogging instead. I’ll just be happy when I’m finished with school all together! It’s nice to get an education but after doing this for the past 3 1/2 years I’m ready for it be over with. So above is a nice picture of me with my hair curly taken today. I have to workout tonight around 7 or so and will be happy about that. Since I did do about 30 mins of exercise chasing the kids during the game then I considered that and I didn’t do Rockin’ Body but tonight its on..I’m doing Party Express and Disco Groove. Oh Boy! It’s going to be so much fun. Can’t wait!

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