Hotslings for sale

Hotslings for Sale!

I have a Brand New Hotslings for sale! I purchased it thinking it was the perfect size but all in all I got the wrong size. Whoops. I comes with the book and the dvd to show how to wear it. It also comes in the original packaging and still has the tags on it. I only took it out to try it on. Thats what I get when I order something online and don’t read the right size. My loss is your gain right? I paid for this $40 plus shipping and handling and I’d like to sell it for $35.00 Plus if you want me to ship it to you there will be an extra charge for that.
Let me know. It’s a great sling and I wanted to get one that would carry my child who yes is almost 4 but sometimes it’s easier than carrying her on my hip and my arms getting tired. Plus she only weighs in at 32 lbs. She’s lost weight again. Plus I want to have one for the future in case I were ever to have another child. You never know what the future might hold for one!
The above picture is the actual picture of what the sling design looks like. let me know and I’ll do this through paypal if not local and cash if local! Oh yeah if you might have a new hotslings in size 6 then I’d be interested in doing an even trade. Thanks in advance and for looking!

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