Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday to you all! I had a pretty good night last night for sure. I picked up Olivia from school, then we went to two different grocery stores to shop. Food Lion had a lot of 10 for $10 items that I couldn’t pass up at all! Like I got 5 of those Kool-aid drinks for $1 each can’t beat that, 10 of the Green Giant Frozen Veggies (we live for those), and even found some Mickey Mouse Pizza’s that Olivia loves because it’s shaped like Mickey Mouse’s Head. Very Cool. We came out of there with a bunch of items and that was great. Then we went to Lowes Food where they had a bunch of items on sale there as well. I was so pleased too that when they scanned my coupons, they doubled them so I saved more money that way! Sometimes that why I love shopping there. 🙂

After we came home and put the groceries up I cooked Olivia a pizza and got my dinner ready. I had steak, some brussel sprouts (mmmm), and some texas toast cooked on the grill. Yummy is all I can say. Then I went upstairs and put Olivia to bed and I did about 35 minutes of Rockin’ Body. Whew I think I used muscles I honestly didn’t know I had. I felt better about myself though. Tonight I’m doing Disco Groove and Booty Time. I’m going to have a rockin’ body for sure!

Well let me go for now, have to get to work but the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day!

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