Dance and No Soccer!

Olivia has made it clear to me and everyone else that she doesn’t want to play soccer (at all) and wants to dance or tumble (she already does that on the field now). So I am going to call the YMCA and see if there is anyway for us to switch her playing soccer for a session of Gymnastics at the YMCA. I’ll have to figure out first off if this can be done and if so then we’re set. I’ll have to ask one of the other parents to be a coach on Saturdays for soccer. I feel bad about this but my daughter is not happy at this time with soccer and I’m not going to force her in playing something she doesn’t want to do anymore. I never had to do it and I was very happy with gymnastics myself and dance. So I guess tomorrow I’ll be calling them and finding out. I’m also going to make an appointment for Olivia’s stomach just to be on the safe side and hope it’s not a reaccurance of her stomach issues she had as an infant. Who knows she might have a dairy intolerance. You never know. So I’ll have to let ya’ll know later on if we got her switched over or if we have to wait until she is finished with soccer.

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