Sleep Deprived now!

Lately I have tried everything to get Olivia to go to bed early. I’ve cut out her sugar all together at night time and have even switched to Decaffinated Tea only sweetened with Splenda. Gosh. There is no end to the light at the end of that tunnel. She is full of energy and will only sleep a couple of hours before waking back up. She keeps me up half of the night now and instead wants to play. I just wish in a way we were back to her being an infant to where she slept all night long and such. I don’t know what else to do. I normally give her a nice warm bath with the Johnson & johnson bubble bath, read to her and then put her down with some soothing music. Trust me I’m ready to fall asleep before she is. Plus she’s not taking any naps what so ever and I’m completely worn out. I just want to go to bed now and it’s only 6pm! Argh! I’m out of options on how to get her down. Please help if you can. I’ve got to make an appointment to have her stomach checked out because she’s complaining that her stomach hurts all the time and also I’m going to check with the doctor in having her checked out for ADHD. I don’t want to but I have also found out she doesn’t take naps at school either on most days. So I don’t know how in the world she can keep going without taking a rest. But she is like the energizer bunny for sure. If you have any advice I’m open to hear from you on it. Please leave us a comment 🙂

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