Gulf oysters

Oyster Talk

There were two oysters, a girl oyster and a boy oyster. The girl’s mother asked the girl if she was doing anything special with the boy oyster. Hastily the girl replied back “no why do you ask?” The mother oyster says well I thought I saw the two of you together last night and I’m sorry I made that assumption.” The girl turned around upset that she was getting blamed for something that she didn’t do and looked at her mother and said “No I’m not we were just keeping each others shells warm is all it was cold out last night.” The mother replied, “well I don’t want you to be shelling up and getting a little oysterette out of it.” Then the girl replied “No mom I’m not you!” and she stormed off by then. The mother with her shell dropped looked around and looked and said nothing more.

There really is no point to that little joke but I wanted to let you all know that Gulf oysters are so tasty and are extra healthy for you as well. They are good in all sorts of things such as Omega-3, Fatty Acids and Vitamin B. But when eating them raw you want to be careful and know that there can be some dangers while eating them. So if you want more information on some oysters and eating them go to Gulf oysters.

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