Mineral Girlz, Savings Weekend

Hop into Savings this Weekend!!

Since this weekend is Easter Weekend why not “Hop into Savings” this weekend by celebrating and saving 20% off the following items:

  • Delightz : Hot Chocolate and Cookie Dough Sale Price: 10.00 each
  • Super Sparkle Shimmer: Sale Price: 7.20 each
  • Body Scrubbing Gloves: Sale Price: 2.40 each
  • Black Premium Makeup Bags: Sale Price: 12.00 each
  • Premium Body Puff: Sale Price: 2.00 each
  • Standing Mirror: Sale Price: 1.60 each

Hurry! This sale will only be here for this weekend only so Hop on over to Mineral Girlz and start saving. Plus remember if you have a teenager or you yourself want to wear Mineral Girlz Makeup that’s what we are there for.

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