Mineral Girlz, Spring Sale

Welcome the Spring with this…

Welcome the spring with a new kit from Mineral Girlz called “Ready for Spring”. Save 10% off this kit and get the latest look using Natural Mineral Makeup that is truely AFFORDABLE!!! So head on over to my Mineral Girlz site and click on Kits then choose the “Ready for Spring Kit”. Here is what comes in the kit:

2 Eyeshadows (Frozen Pink Lemonade and Cotton Candy)
1 Lip Gloss (Simply Sparkley)
1 Blush (Shy)
1 Angle Brush
1 Chisel Brush

Wow! That’s a lot for a little price. I will say this. If you were to order something like this from Another Mineral Makeup Place you will spend well over $50 for it but with us you will be spending less than $30 today Only! Hurry on over and get yourself some new spring makeup. Plus check out what else we have there! You will fall in love with the makeup yourself. Your skin will thank you for giving it something it will love!!!

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