Today was a good day. It started off to slow and I never did make it to church. I could have sworn that church started at 10:30am but whoops, I was wrong. It started at 10 instead and I would have been 50 minutes late so we went to my inlaws house, and set the table for lunch. I actually wore some a really nice outfit today too. I layered my shirts and I wore a brand new pair of jeans that I couldn’t wear like over a 2 months ago when I purchased them and I wore a new pair of high heels. Yes, Charlotte actually dressed nice today. The heels I was fine in wearing but then they started hurting my feet so I switched back to my rainbows. Olivia wore her brand new outfit that I purchased for her and it was so pretty on her. It brought out her auburn hair and acutally today it looked more red than anything. She has the perfect color hair too. I wish mine was that color. She did take a good nap and that was good for her since she was up late last night too.

After we left his parents we stopped by Davenport Honda and I found two cars that I love. They both are civics and I can’t decide which color I like better, the blue to the tango red pearl. Gosh. They both are very pretty. Then we came back home and Olivia got to play with her bike and she has finally caught onto using the pedals. She is so excited too. Then she got to color with her chalk on the driveway and we even played hopscotch and she had a ball with that. It was overall a great day and she is upstairs in the bedroom watching a movie.

Ok I’m going to to. Have to get my homework done. 🙂 It’s due tomorrow. Ok I was going to upload some pictures but since my internet connection is very slow I’m not going to until tomorrow.

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