A Good Morning

This morning was another good one. Olivia got right on up with me this morning and she took a bath and didn’t fuss when it was time for her to get out. It was very nice for once for her not to fuss. She even got to play with her matchbox cars in the bath for an extra 5 minutes. Then she got dressed and went downstairs while I was getting ready. She also asked for one of her Nutripal bars and I gave it to her. She started eat it right away. Yes! Now another reason that I’m not opposed to her eating them is because of the fiber content. She hadn’t gone to the bathroom in over 4 days and so instead of giving her laxitive I let her eat these. Well low and behold she had a bowl movement just a few minutes ago so this works wonders! Olivia tonight for dinner ate a turkey and cheese sandwich and I of course had a Roast Beef one. Yummy. Well I’m over at my friends house with her kids so I better get off of here. I need to clean up the bonus room so that it doesn’t look dirty.

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