What to Do in the Middle of Winter?

Now what do you do when your 3 year old comes to you and asks if she can go swimming in “Uncle Jim’s” Pool in the middle of Winter? Well here is the little conversation that Olivia and I had yesterday morning:

Olivia: Can I go swimming in Uncle Jim’s Pool now?

Me: No, it’s closed for the winter but you can go when he opens it back up.

Olivia: well I want to go now, how about my pool, can I go in that at home?

Me: No! IT’s too cold outside to do that! And second your pool had a big hole in it so you can’t!

It’s in the trash now.

Olivia: Well then why can’t we bring a pool inside the house?

Me: Because their’s not enough room in here.

Olivia: WhY?

Me: Because I said so!
Olivia: THen I want to go to my swim lesson now.
Me: You’re not taking swim lessons now, and we don’t have a membership to go swimming at anytime anyways.

Olivia: Why?

Me: How about this sweetie. Why don’t I let you go swimming in the bathtub with your bathing suit on?

Olivia: Thanks Mommy! I love you! Your my best friend!

Me: Your Welcome.

So Here are the pictures below of her in the bathtub with her bathing suit on and having a blast!!!

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