It’s Ultimate Blog Party 2008 Time!!

Wow! This is my very first Blog Party and it’s already a blast. Which I feel this party has come on a great weekend. Today is my birthday too. Ok since it’s my first time I’ll tell you a little more about me and why I started to blog.

My name is Charlotte and I’m 27! I have a 3 year old, Olivia who is about to turn 4 in April. I’m seperated from my husband but we are on good speaking terms only we have realized that we will probably kill each other if we still lived with each other. Hahaha Currently Olivia and I live with my parents and I do have a 21 year old brother that will come home ever now and then and stay for a night but then go back to his place in Lucama, NC. I live in Nashville, NC by the way.

I started this blog to keep my friends and family who live in Maryland and everywhere else up to date on what is going on with Olivia and her growing up. I started this two years ago in June and love it. I love to write down all my thoughts and have even used this blog to get paid for some extra money. I’m currently in school part time and will graduate college May 9th, 2008 with a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding.

I’m so excited about this party that I can hardly contain myself. So while you’re here on my blog and during my party I’d like you for you to please sign the comments..no wait the guestbook. Also check out some of the party favors that is being offered for this wonderful party!

Some of the top 3 favors that I’d like to win for Olivia and I are:

Some of the others that we’d like to win are 115, 112, 108, 101, 89, 83, 62, 13 & 12 to help us grow and give us a fix on everything else we’d need or use. 🙂 Or just to enjoy life that is. So sit back and enjoy the party and don’t forget to have fun!!!

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