We had a good morning!

This morning was like night and day with Olivia. For once she didn’t fight me when I asked if she could please get dressed. She didn’t fight me when I asked her to put her shoes and socks on. She asked me if she could brush her teeth which normally I’m fighting with her to do so. And she also went ahead and brought me the comb and hairband that she wanted me to put her hair up in. She had her listening ears on and so that was a great thing for her to have. Now I’ll have to reward her by allowing her to watch maybe an extra 30 minutes of tv tonight because she did so well. I’d do my homework but I haven’t gotten my makeup homework yet from my teacher. Oh well, just another day at work with it being super slow and making lots of phone calls. Well let me go…have to go get Olivia then come home and make dinner. Tonight it’s going to be Soft Taco night! Yummy!!!

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