Very Hectic Day!

Today has been a very hectic day for me. It’s funny though in a way how God looks after you though. Last night we had some very nasty storms come through here and gosh it was pretty bad. The lights flickered and I hate storms plus we had a Tornado Watch. Thank goodness it was over a little after midnight. The rain and wind were crazy! This morning there was evidence that a storm had come through but the rain was very much welcomed here for sure during this drought! Today our Walmart opened up in Nashville and it’s a very nice one too. Reminds of the one in La Plata, MD. The design that is and the layout. I love having a Walmart here and wouldn’t go back to the one in Rocky Mount unless I am already in RM.

Now here comes some good news everyone….Only 3 more days until my 27th Birthday! Saturday I’ve gotta go to the mall and meet my inlaws because we have to get Olivia new cleats for this years soccer season. I did get a call and found out that our team are the Green Gorilla’s. LOL. I just about died laughing because there is an inside joke with my cousins and I about gorillas. I had to contain my laughing on the phone. I’m hoping that I will get my roster soon so that I can make contact with the parents soon of the children on my team. I still can’t believe that I’m a soccer coach! It’s funny how I can still love the game after being benched my entire freshman year from injuring my hip and then my ankle. But I still love it and don’t watch it on tv because it’s not as fun as being out there on the field. 🙂 Anyways, I’m also going to look at a couple dresses for easter. I’m going to be wearing a dress…yes I know jaw dropping shocker! For those who don’t know…I used to not be proud enough to wear dresses because of the way I looked but I’m losing weight and inches and feel very comfortable wearing heels and yes even a dress.

Well I’m going to go to bed now. I’m tired. Good night ya’ll!

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