Golf Shoes

Have you ever been golfing? And no I don’t mean Putt-Putt. Although that’s all I really have done in the first place and am good at. Well sort of that is. Anyways, my brother used to be very good at golfing and could take the club and drive it home. We used to take my grandfathers old golf clubs and go in the front yard and see how far we could get the ball to go. My brother would hit his way across the yard and across the street into the neighbors yards. It was so much fun but just think of how much a better grip my brother would have had if he had the proper golf shoes. He wouldn’t have slipped any after a rainy day on the ground while trying to swing and he would have not gotten his shoes all dirty. So I think that if he ever decides to play again we’ll have to purchase him so cool shoes to go along with his cool outfit.

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