Drug Rehabilitation

You know in a way I don’t talk about celebrities and their business because it’s not my business to keep up with it. They are celebrities and some are in dyer need of help. Take Lindsey Lohan, she was the perfect person who had it made. She starred in the new version of The Parent Trap and she had her fame when she made Mean Girls (one of my favorite movies) and Confessions of a Drama Queen. But I don’t think that she meant for her fame now to be dealing with drugs and alcohol. If she only had a place where she could really get help then she would be doing even better. So I would suggest her parents send her to another drug rehabilitation center that is even more strict than she went to before, or if they had just sent her here in the first place then she wouldn’t be getting into anymore trouble. Yes Hollywood stars can have drug dealers on speed dial but what kind of message is that sending to the kids now? We need to put all the stars in here if they continue to mess up their lives and send the wrong message to our kids.

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