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Thank You to Doodlebug Designs!!!

As most of you know I won a Free Customized Header from Doodlebug Designs and chose that I wanted a scrapbooking theme. It’s more of me since I’m very crafty but would have never had the patience to do this kind of header. Then I contacted Judi over at Doodlebug Designs to do an entire template that matched my header. Wow! Was I completely surprised with the results. All I can is this is so Beautiful and I’m lucky enough to find someone with such great talent to design this template for me. I am computer and internet savoy when it comes to designing different things including my other website but I still have never figured out how to design a template for a blog. She does Amazing Work and for those of you who are looking for a template to match your style then head on over to Doodlebug Designs for your makeover!

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