Another Update on Olivia

Ok here’s another update on Olivia. This morning we had to return to the doctors office where we found out she basically doesn’t have strep but she does have pink eye. Gosh it’s amazing at what can happen in a little over 24 hours. She had to get another shot of Rocephin and was given eye drops to help clear up the pink eye. I on the other hand think I have the flu. I feel awful and just want to go back to bed. I have been getting progressively worse today and got some Alka Seltzer Flu tablets and they taste like poo. Ewww. I can’t take them again unless I’m completely drunk or something. Their nasty! So Olivia didn’t take a nap at all today and she is now passed out on the living room floor. I’ll move her to the bedroom in a few minutes. I need to tomorrow take all of the sheets and things she has laid on and wash them. I might even ask terry to bring over my desktop tomorrow and my Coldwater Tide so that I can wash my clothes. I’ll also ask him to bring the downy fabric softner since I know he doesn’t use it. Only I did. I’ll give him his laptop back and I think I have every file that I personally need off it. if not oh well I guess. Well gotta run. 🙂 Have a great evening tonight.

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