Update on Olivia

This morning I took Olivia to the doctors and found out that she has a massive ear infection, strep throat and still is not having a good time with eating or drinking or the fever. She has to go back to the doctors in the morning and have a recheck to see how her ears are doing and her throat. Also to see how her fever and eating/drinking is doing. She had to get a shot of Rocephin which is very thick stuff and is not that pleasant to get at any age. I’ve had it plenty of times and it’s no fun trust me. It makes it hard for you to walk for a good while. She has slept most of the day and she is now eating/drinking some and will eat a little bit of popcicle for me.

I on the other hand feel like I have been hit by a mac truck and feel awful. I started getting the chills and it’s like I just feel like going to sleep. Someone told me that I most likely have the flu and so I’ll be taking some meds tonight and going to bed very soon. I just want to go to bed and wake up in the morning sometime. I am going to be getting up early in the morning to take Olivia to her 8:30am appointment. So I’m out of here for tonight. 🙂 Have a good night everyone!

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