Sick Baby today

Olivia is sick as a dog today. When I picked her up from daycare yesterday she was ok but when I was driving home she fell asleep which is very odd for her. She really didn’t eat much of a dinner last night but was very thirsty. Then her fever started to spike and she was running a 103.4 last night so mom and I got some Motrin in her by having to hold her down. Then she drank a little bit of water but went on to bed not long after I laid down with her. Around 4 this morning she woke up crying and shaking, her fever was back and was a 103.7. I tried getting some tylenol in her but that wasn’t going to happen so I ended up giving her a Feverall Suppository. She didn’t go to school because of the fever still being up and she hasn’t been feeling any better. Now I know Olivia is sick when she refuses to eat chicken nuggets and french fries from McDonald’s and when she refuses to eat any popsicle’s and ice cream. She just wants to sleep which she has done just about all day long. She might take a sip of tea but that’s all I have gotten into her. She just wants to be rocked to sleep and wants to sleep. I hope she will start drinking something soon or else I will have to find a way to get something in her. She has only been to the bathroom one time today. I hope we’re not falling into the same slump that we were in before when she was an infant of her not eating or drinking anything. That was so hard on me and I just can’t go through that again. She was a very sick baby then and I don’t want to have her go through that again. A mother’s worst nightmare really.

Well I guess I’m going to go for now. But above is a picture of Olivia from this afternoon. I’m hoping that she’ll be feeling better by tomorrow. I’m hoping that everyone else is having a good day so far. 🙂

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