The Dinner went Great!

Last nights dinner was so yummy. Thank you to dad for cooking the steaks on the grill since I’m not used to using theirs and not mine. I’m hopefully going to be bringing my grill here to mom and dad’s since I’d use it more often then Terry would probably have time to use it. Yes his dad could use it but I was the one who suggested to get one. Anyways, I’m happy to announce that I will have a brother in law soon. I’m so happy too. yes I already have one on Terry’s side of the family but I’m talking about my sisters Fiance now. I’m so tickled that she has found someone who is a great person and who definitely will take care of her and love her for who she is…even though she is addicted to shopping too. Hahaha.

Ok back to the dinner…I get off tracks sometimes. We had steaks, Potatoes and also salad. I made the salad and it was good but mom was joking about how big the lettuce was. that’s why normally I get the premade salads but I decided to try making it myself and add the tomatoes and cucumbers in it as well. Tonya enjoyed her dinner and so did everyone else. It was nice to have someone to come over to my house and not have to worry about someone else getting their pants in a twist about having company over. I think I’m going to like this. After dinner I took Olivia upstairs to take her bath and then she came back downstairs to read a book and then I had to read her a book. Not a problem. She loves reading. Then I put her to bed and of course I fell asleep too. I forgot completely to lock my van until 4:30 this morning. Oh well, everything was still in there.

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