Ah…the rain has been nice!

Today we had some rain and a good old thunderstorm. It was nice too because it felt like spring was here but instead of the nice warm weather it’s cold and icky. I wish that I could be lying on a beach somewhere getting a tan but nope I’m stuck here at work. I really need to get a tan for the summer this year since I’m going to have a hot new body and all. I’m thinking about soon getting Rockin’ Body to add on some hot new moves, dance moves that is. I still am loving my Turbo Jam but want to add more to it and since I still love to dance why not.

So this is what I have figured out. I’m going to be bringing my TV and Dvd player back home and putting it up in the back room where the drums are. No one uses that room anymore and so I’m going to use it as my workout room. Why not? It’ll have some use to it them. Plus I’m going to be getting my external hard drive and also my desktop and let Terry use the laptop. I miss not having all of my songs to listen to and not being able to burn some other things using my desktop. It’s mine and I’d like to have it here with me. I’ll most likely be bringing it here this weekend. I know that I’m not going to stay at my inlaws this weekend but only go over for lunch on Sunday and go to church.

Tonight is Library night and so Tonya and I are taking the kiddo’s there. Plus I’m making dinner when we come back from the library. Tonight we’ll have salad, ribeye steaks and baked potatoes. Yummy. The steaks are marinating now and they smell so yummy. I picked up some sherbert today to give to Olivia since it won’t hype her so much. Well let me go. Have to go upstairs and get the books for the library and put my jeans on. 🙂 The above picture is a new one that I took of me the other day. I was feeling so good about myself that I had to show it off!

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