Toilet Talks

We have finally I think overcome the fear of pooping in the potty. The past two weeks while living at home with my parents we have found that Olivia seems to want to go stink in the potty. She’s tired of having stink in her pants and I think she had caught onto that mommy and daddy were just so unhappy with each other that she would poop in her pants to get some attention. I don’t know but this past Thursday we had a visitor over to my parents house and Olivia told me she had to go stinky in the potty. So I allowed her to go and she went. The second time she went in the potty that same night she decided to be comical and take her sunglasses into the bathroom. She told me that the light was blinding her and that she had to use her sunglasses. It was too funny and hard not to chuckle at that comment. So I instead grabbed the camera and took a picture of her on the potty with her sunglasses on. She has only had one accident in her pants and that was last night sometime around 3am when she told me her tummy was a little upset. I think it was her ears giving her problems because she always has an upset stomach whenever her ears are hurting. But we have finally gotten over the hurdle of her holding her poop and getting constipated like she did a week ago when we gave her a laxitive to help her to go. I got more of the saline laxative yesterday in grape flavor and holding that just in case of an emergency. (praying we won’t have to use again.)

Another thing that I have gotten are those Kandoo Wipes for toddlers. Olivia was kind of excited to get them and she has already had some success with being able to wipe herself after she goes stink. It’s amazing how that helps out as well. For those of you who are needed something like then then go on ahead and purchase. I found a coupon for them in the paper and got the tub for free just for buying a wipe refill.

Well tonight I have school and I’ll hopefully find out my test score that I did yesterday. I wish i could say that I could leave school early but I don’t know yet. It’s not that important, I just wanted to get home to workout. I’m changing the back room to my workout/playroom for Livy. It’s going to be sweet too! Right now it has my brothers drums in there but since he’s never home and the room isn’t being used but for storage I’m going to put it to use. I’m going to bring over my tv and dvd player and workout up there. That way I can go take a shower in my bathroom too. I’m also thinking about getting a new workout video called “Rockin’ Body” and it looks cool too. I’ve got several things I’m going to sell on Ebay soon enough and when I do then I’ll use that money to get my new workout videos. 🙂 I can’t wait!

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