Happy Sunday!

I had a great night last night, despite Olivia not wanting to go to bed. We went to mom and dad’s church for dinner to help support the youth group ministries and I had a ribeye steak and mmmm….it was so good! Then afterwards I came home and we went outback to see my grandparents who Olivia has been wanting to see all week. It was a good visit until Olivia starting getting cranky so I decided to go on back to the house and give her a bath. Then i got her dressed for bedtime and I went downstairs and did my exercises. Whew. I could feel that workout last night on my abs and I loved it. It was nice to get back to working out and my mom even did it with me. Olivia did it for the first part of the 20 minutes and then she went on back to playing. Mom did it for the first 13 minutes and then went on to reading some because her knees were killing her. She thinks that Turbo Jam is awesome and I feel she will be doing it more often too. Tonight I plan on doing turbo sculpt and ab jam. 🙂 I’m going to continue to lose these inches and fat too. I’m going to be thin soon! Just keep doing it like I should be. I’m also working out all this week and might take like thursday off. But I’m not going to stop at all. Well let me go. Have to get ready to go to my inlaws for lunch and to see terry. He’s excited about seeing Olivia. 🙂

Plus Daytona 500 comes on today!!! Go Dale JR!!!!!!!!!!

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