The Ecomony Stinks!

I have just realized that the ecomony stinks and it’s hurting my business. It’s so difficult to say that I have been successful the past couple of months at work but I haven’t. For those of you who don’t know I am a Restaurant Management Recruiter and I am paid on commissions only. That means if I make a placement with a company then I get paid. It’s a cut and dry kind of job and I have done well the past 2 years but within the last couple of months it has been very slow and trying. It’s been to the point to where either I make a placement and they never start or to where the companies we work for are not going to work with us anymore because of the economy being the way that it is. So I haven’t made a placement in the past 2 months…almost 3 and it’s been very difficult. I kind of feel like I haven’t helped with the bills and paying them because I haven’t been able to place anyone. Ugh. I wish the economy would turn around soon or else I will be looking for a new job sooner than after graduation. Because I really could use some placements so that I can have money for myself, my child and my family. I don’t like to ask for any free handouts and I’m not going to start now! And since I’m not living with my husband anymore it’s been even more difficult of knowing that he will always have that steady income and I won’t at this time. I can’t wait until I graduate school and then can find that steady income paying job.

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