Maybe I should begin to sell these again?

I remember about 2-3 years ago I was selling purses that I made homemade. Well for some reason I had stopped making them because life got way too busy for me to enjoy making them. I do miss making them and selling them for a good price. I made a good bit of money off of them and put the money away in a safe keeping for christmas or whatever I needed it for. Mainly I’m sure for junk. Well what do you think? Do you think I should get back to sewing these and making a profit off them again? Tell me what you think? Below are some of the pictures that I have found online about what I did in the past of the purses. Enjoy!


I also made those blankies for babies & for adults that you tie the fleece together. Olivia has several that I made her and she loves them. Plus the baby ones I gave to my best friend Tonya for her little girl. I know Kennedy sleeps with them too. Ok well I hope you all liked my collection of purses I have made in the past!

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