Life is busy…Oh so busy!

I just never really looked into why my life is so busy but I know it comes from taking care of my beautiful daughter and the day to day rituals we go through every day to get her up and dressed and to school. She will be beginning school hopefully in the fall and I still have no idea at what school either but we will cross that bridge when it comes. I have realized several different things in the past week from being away from my husband and how much he means to me and that I too have things I need to work on. Well this morning it was a rough one because Olivia didn’t want me to leave her at school. I told her that she will be ok but she wanted me to stay at school with me or at least go to Nanie’s school which she is not old enough to do so. Just the life of being a mommy. Today or tomorrow I will be going down to social services and applying for health benefits and maybe something else because I have no income. Being on this commission based only is hard and I’m hoping that when I graduate school I can find somewhere where I will have a very stable income.

Well the picture above is me in my new pair of jeans from Old Navy and they are a size 18! It’s hard to believe that I am getting smaller each day and since I began this journey about a month ago I have lost a total of 10lbs! That’s alot for me to say because I have never stuck with anything and I have to get back on the swing of things of exercising because I have been so sick I haven’t been able to do it. ugh. Ok I’m going to go grab a bottle of water and drink up. It’s needed like you wouldn’t believe and I’m so happy that I am going to get back on the ball of things!

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