Ikea, Snow

No Snow & A Long Trip to Ikea

On Saturday were we expected to see snow and supposed to get 3-6 inches but the cold front never made it in until 5pm and then it began snowing hard making it hard to drive it. It was sticking to the roads making for some accidents but nothing too severe that we saw. I drove to my inlaws in the snow and drove about 5-10 miles slower than I would have normally. But I made it there safely. Then around 11pm or so the snow started to stick to the grass and such but that was really it. Nothing happened inches wise and so it looks like we dodged the bullet on having snow to play in. Darn…we really all wanted it. They did however cancel church and so that was a bummer. Oh well, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see some later on in the winter. *fingers are crossed*

Yesterday we took a trip up to Potomac Mills Mall to visit the Ikea there. We were looking for a kitchen table and thought that we would get the one I saw online that I liked. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t order online and we went up to the Ikea in Woodbridge, VA to look at the table and to grab a few extra items as well from there. Well I sat at the table that we looked online and didn’t like it as I thought I would. The table was much smaller than we thought and it was just not the right fit of what we thought it would be. So we are looking around town now for a table we both can agree on. Also I grabbed while I was up there several items for Olivia like some of their silverware for kids, a packet of plates for her and also picked up some glasses that were $0.59 each. Can’t beat that! I also picked up several other things that we needed. So it looks like Terry will not be going to an Ikea with me again because he didn’t like the drive up. It would have only taken 3 hours or so to get up there but we ran into 2 accidents on the way up there so it took us 4 1/2 hours to get up there instead. Ugh. It was a long trip but well worth it!!! Next time I do decide to go to Ikea I’ll be taking either Tonya, my sister or my mom. 🙂

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