Snow in NC?

Well the forcast shows that we in Eastern NC are overdue for some snow. We have been told by forecasters that we should be expecting 3-6 inches over near Rocky Mount and that’s where we are by. Well we are north of Rocky Mount if that helps any. So I went to Walmart tonight to grab some bottled water that I’ve been meaning to get for 2 weeks and some peanut butter and different things like that. I swear it’s like no one has ever seen any of the white stuff down here in their lives. People were pushing and shoving and being very rude in Walmart tonight and I swear the grocery stores must have been 10 times worse. If anyone hears “snow” in the forecast then they all crowd the stores like their going to be snowed in for hours. I mean we prob won’t even see any but still. I had to run to walmart so it’s not like I was making a special trip to there or anything it’s just that Walmart has the cheapest prices on several different things so I go there instead of paying full price on certain things. Anyways, it’s supposed to start out as rain and then it will all turn into snow…maybe in the afternoon. So we’ll see I guess. Well I’m going to bed…I”m sleepy and I’m getting up early to run to Raleigh to return something from a store in Crabtree Valley Mall. They were being jerks about the whole thing of one little thing not being in there so I’ve got to make another trip up there. We will however be stopping off at Upward Basketball to see Mom and Dad. Olivia wants to see her “nanie.”

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