Grey Poupon, Product Review

Grey Poupon Product Review

I was lucky enough to get to do a product review and give my honest opinion on one of my dad’s favorite mustards, Grey Poupon. We received the Harvest course ground mustard which was a little too spicy and rich for me. It tasted like something that Terry would enjoy or my dad would enjoy. I had this on a ham sandwich is something that I like to have every now and then. The other one we received was the hearty spicy brown which had a hint of yellow onion which was very good. I had this on a turkey and ham sandwich and it was very tasty. Nothing like I’ve had before. And it has a little kick to it but not too much like the other mustard. The other thing that I didn’t enjoy about the harvest course ground mustard is it has basically the whole seed which I don’t like tasting. If I’m going to eat mustard then I honestly don’t want to taste the mustard seed itself. It kept getting stuck in my teeth. But overall the family enjoyed both mustards and we have decided that all in all they are something that we would definitely talk to our friends about. We are all different and so I am going to share my mustard with them.

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