Looking for a Kitchen Table

Well since I cleaned up the Nook yesterday I decided that I would like to have a Kitchen Table. So I’m checking out pricing now and found one that I really like from Ikea but the shipping will break you so I’m thinking about still sticking around here for one. But I would to drive up to the Ikea Store this weekend to shop for one or maybe take Monday off and drive up there to look at the tables. I wish we had one closer than Potomac Mills in VA. So I guess we’ll see.

Anyways, I am so tired this morning but I still got to do a workout this morning doing Ab Jam. Whew…my abs are sore already and I’m doing it again in the morning. I love this and I have seen a tremendous change in how my belly is shrinking before my eyes. So this has been wonderful and I love doing Turbo Jam!

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