Turbo Jam

I Love Turbo Jam!

Yesterday I got my Turbo Jam order and all I have to say is Wow! I got a full body workout last night when I did the Learn & Burn. I’m going to do L&B again tonight when I get Olivia in bed. It’s so nice to have a workout that I can actually feel like I’m burning off calories and also on gaining muscles. So many workouts out there I have used and have never felt like I had accomplished anything. So Yes! I think this is going to work. I love working out. I have also been drinking water only and I definitely can feel a difference. I have a little more energy and also have a better thinking of it. I went to McDonald’s last night and got a McChicken Sandwich which is only 9 points on Weight Watchers but did not get any fries or a soft drink. Instead I ordered a bottled water and it was so nice. I don’t have to worry about it and I know that I am willing to have this strength in not ordering fries to go with my meal and get a water instead of a coke or a sweet tea. This has taken me almost 26 years to saying No to something. I want this weight loss more than anything and its’ going to happen too!

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