Merry Christmas!!!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! This past weekend has been very busy for us only for the fact that Saturday I had to finish shopping for my family. Then I had went on over to my inlaws for the rest of the weekend and even stayed at their house Sunday night because yesterday we had the Greene family Christmas. Thank you to everyone for the lovely gifts. 🙂 I love my items from Old Navy of course!!! Going to wear my beautiful green shirt today when we head over to my parents tonight for dinner and to open gifts. I got Terry the Jeff Dunham DVD’s that he’s been wanting. We both love watching him and it’s so funny! Even my nephew thinks he is hilarious! Terry got me this beautiful Princess cut pendant and a necklace and it’s in my birthstone, Aquamarine. So pretty. I’m going to wear this tonight too. We got as a family some card games like Rack-o and Uno. We also got the movie “RV” and it’s so funny!!! That’s one of our favorite movies. So much we have gotten and of course Santa brought us lots of nice things and I thank him for that! I will post more after tonight. Since I’m not working this week I’ll have plenty of time to do that!

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