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I wanted to share with you all that I took my final on Monday night and thought I did a good job on it. Well yesterday I got my grade for the final and also for the class and was amazed that I did so well. 🙂 I made an 84 on my final which is a (B) and made an 83 in the class which is a C by the schools records. The school is on the 7 point scale and my teacher did the normal 10 point scale. I wish the school could do the 10 as well but nope they want to be different. Oh well, I passed the class. I deposited my school money yesterday in the bank and will be registering for my final class on January the 3rd. Yes!!! This is it! My final Semester! I can’t believe it. I can finally get to see the end of the tunnel and the light at the end. I don’t know still yet if I’m going to continue to work with dad or if I’m going to move my own ways but I will make that decision when I get there. So Fall semester is gone and have a break finally. No more homework for the small break and I will begin class on the 7th which is a Monday. 🙂 So I can’t wait until I begin school again and also deal with the same teacher. 🙂

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