Depp at His Best

Do you like any of Johnny Depp’s movies? Do you think he was better in any movie other than just one? I think that the best one that he has ever been in is Pirates of the Caribbean because I feel that his character is always in the spotlight. I feel that it’s like I was always on the edge of my chair trying to figure out what would come next. I liked also how he talked in Pirates of the Caribbean which sounded like he was from England or the New World all the time. My favorite part I would say is when they are on the beach and he looks at Elizabeth Swan and says “But where is all the Rum?” That’s the best part for me. The other movie that I have seen him in is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the new one and that was a completely different kind of movie in it’s own. Depp did a really good job playing Mr. Wonka and I will say that must have been a little difficult to fill the original Wonkas’ Shoes but he did an awesome job on that one.

Well now Johnny Depp has a new movie coming out and it looks like it is going to be good as well. If you go and visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site you will get more information there. It looks good though! Also don’t forget to visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace!!!

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